Saudi Driving License

Saudi Driving license

To get a valid driving license in Saudi Arabia, one has to get it through the development of an e-service. This license is provided by the Public Security Department, and it can be accessed through Absher. This service allows Saudi citizens, and residents to legally drive in the kingdom. Obtaining a medical checkup is crucial to attain a driving license in the kingdom. The medical test includes – blood samples, an eye test, and a general check-up. Passing of a theoretical exam is mandatory to obtain the driving license. The theoretical test consists of 20 questions which a person needs to answer in 30 minutes. You are allowed to make a total of 2 questions in the test, and if the answer to a particular question is unknown you can skip it, and a new question will appear. To ensure a person is fully prepared for the theoretical test, the Saudi driving school provides trainees with 8 theoretical lectures lasting for an hour. For practical training the applicant must go to a driving school to obtain an assessment. The number of hours required for training will be determined later. The driving school will also provide a training course which will be customized as per your needs. This allows you to receive an assessment to verify whether a person is qualified to obtain the driving license or not.

The criteria to get a valid driving license in Saudi Arabia needs a person to attain the minimum age of 18, the applicant must produce a valid medical check-up report, the medical examination is a general examination of the applicant. This is done to ensure driver safety, and the ability to drive a vehicle which includes eye examination, blood type, etc. These examinations can be conducted in any governmental or private medical center that is associated with traffic. The applicant must also produce a copy of their Civil Affairs ID, the applicant must also submit six official photos (size 4x6 cm), the applicant must also provide the required fees, the applicant must also provide a file to save documents. You can also sign up for driving lessons by selecting from one of the available driving schools. Applicants are exempted from the test if they hold a valid foreign or international driving license that is recognized by any relevant department in the kingdom. Before proceeding you need to fill the required information on the online registration form, once the application has been accepted you will receive a message that verifies your registration. To proceed any further, you need to perform and pass the necessary hours and requirements for all parts of the driving test. This will feature practical, and theoretical stages which will be supervised by the General Traffic Department. After completing the formalities you also need to follow-up on the status of your license, and need to login to the Ashber account. The drivers license has a 10 year validity and is issued following a computerized test. If you are new to driving in Saudi Arabia, and are trying to obtain a valid drivers license, you first need to produce all the above-mentioned documents, and will also need to attend driving lessons and pass a driving examination.

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