Quick guide to buying a used Toyota Corolla

A quick guide to buying a used Toyota Corolla

Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, the authorized distributor of Toyota vehicles in Saudi Arabia, has unveiled the all-new 2021 Toyota Corolla.

Corolla models are often preferred considering their reliability, compact size, decent mileage and low maintenance costs. Also, with the recent reviews of the new Toyota Corolla having CVT transmission, the demand for used, and older versions have increased.

Which model to buy?
Though launched way back in 1966, the 9th generation of Toyota Corolla was released in 2001. Three variants were available a hatchback, a sedan and a station wagon — with the sedan being most readily available and used in SA.

Fuel mileage
The used Toyota Corollas vary in fuel economy by a considerable amount depending on which generation you choose. The 9th generation, which goes from 2003 to 2008, tops all the generations with 28-37 mpg in fuel efficiency. 

For the 10th generation — 2009 to 2013 — the gas mileage for the 2013 model peaks at 27-33 mpg. It’s not as good as the previous one but still reliable. Launched in 2014, the 11th generation has the best gas mileage with 30-40 mpg.

Maintenance costs
But do remember that older model Corollas have done more travelling. So it implies they are likely to have higher odometer readings and will need more regular servicing. If you are someone who is on the road a lot, cars with high kilometers on the engine pose more of a risk. 

Tip: Look for a Corolla that has been on the road for 2-4 years. You can get decent quality at reasonable prices.

5 reasons to buy a used Corolla
#1 Prices for 2021 Corolla range from SAR 75,000 to SAR 95,000. Expect years of low operating costs if maintained and serviced well.

#2 These are reliable cars, not any cut-rate vehicle. You get quality upholstery and interior materials. End of the day, it offers drivers much for a very competitive price.
#3 Toyota Corolla has a very high resale value. In 2016, Toyota topped non-luxury resale value among automakers.

#4 The 2016 Toyota Corolla was given a full five-star overall crash test safety rating and is regarded “good” for nearly all crash test evaluations across the world.

#5 Understated luxury defines the Corolla — they keep it simple. It differs from its rivals is in the user-friendliness of its tech options with a minimalist approach to design, keeping controls and unnecessary bells and whistles to a minimum.

Toyota Corollas are super-reliable and have very few recalls or reported problems. Even ones with 400,000 kilometers or more on the odometer are still on the road!

If you are looking for a used Toyota Corolla, we have quite a few available at: 

You can also try our ‘Verify Before Purchase’ service. For a fee of SAR 150, we will verify the condition of the car for you.
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