Honda Accord, 2006, Automatic, 222000 KM 25000 SAR

SAR 25,000
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Al Khaldiyah - Aldariyah

Honda Accord, 2006, Automatic, 222000 KM 25000 SAR

I am second owner and five years ago purchased from expatriate

Fahas valid for seven months
Istamarah valid for three years

Accord features:
Fog lights
Rear camera
Fully automatic
Trunk open by remote
Antitheft alarm system
Adjustable steering wheel
Max size touch LCD installed
Window glass roll down from remote
Car auto-lock if left unlocked after parking
dash lights dimmer or brighter to match your needs
Adjustable driving seat (up and down, forward and backward)
Very good reliable and a balance of fuel efficiency and power 2.4L engine
Spare/Stepney tire + one extra tire and all tools are fully available
Window glass roll up and down from door switch (turn left and right)

Condition and maintenance:
Honda alloy wheels
Air-condition chilled
Bumper to bumper original body
Battery replaced at ODO 217000km
Neat & Clean as you can see in pictures
Last Oil + filter changed at ODO 220000km
All Pirelli tires replaced 14 months ago at ODO 200000km
Since five years regularly and properly servicing and maintained all invoices as available

Honda car clock
Blind spot mirror
Xenon headlights
Anti-slip dash mat
Air press (door visor)
Honda car cup holder mat pad
Sport, Honda motors and Limited edition emblem
Saudi Arabia
Mobile Number
Cars, Honda
Mobile Number
Sub locality
Al Khaldiyah - Aldariyah
Reference Number
4777 Aminah Bint Said ibn Al As, Al Khaldiyah - Aldariyah, Riyadh 13713 7668, Saudi Arabia
Jan 13, 2021
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