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Free one year old cat (Please read Full description)

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I found this cat almost dying in the street when it was 1 month old and i took it in and raised it for a year. It has been vaccinated up to a year and also nutured. It is a very special cat and requires a lot of care and attention. It loves to cuddle around humans and will keep disturbing you until you give it attention. It is also very fragile and will easily fall sick if you don't give proper care. It eats boiled chicken paste twice a day and normal dry cat food. Recently it has been falling sick and i don't have money or time to take it to vet. When it falls sick it feels stressed and poops and pees outside litter box and since i don't live alone in my own house i a, unable to take proper care of it. That is why i am having to give it away. Please take this cat if you are willing to dedicate enough time and money to take care of it because this cat requires a lot of special care. It is only 1 year old and i want it to be able to live a happy cat life. So i repeat please take it only if you are willing to put effort in bringing it up. In return i promise you it will love you unconditionally. | | Contact me on WhatsApp if you are interested.
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Riyadh Beside KFMC
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Jun 22, 2020

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