Oct 27, 2020
Are air fryers really a healthier option?

Air fryers are regarded as a guilt-free way of enjoying your favourite fried foods. As a result, they have become very popular. The local Kibbeh or indulgent french fries or even Samboksa or samosa.

What is an air fryer and how they work?
The air fryer has been patented by Philips Electronics Company. It gives close-to-the-same results of deep frying using hot air and very little oil. It’s like an amped-up countertop convection oven.
Since it is compact, cooking is faster. There’s a heating mechanism and a fan on the top of the unit. As hot air rushes down, a fryer-style basket rotates. As a result of the rapid circulation, food is crisper like frying.

Items you can cook here:
  • Chicken, including chicken fingers and nuggets
  • Vegetables
  • Onion rings and french fries
  • Cheese sticks
  • Fish
  • Doughnuts
Health pros and cons:
Aid weight loss
Deep-fried foods tend to have a higher fat content as compared to foods prepared using other cooking methods. For instance, a roasted lamb or chicken contains about 30% less fat when compared to fried versions.

This happens because air fryers require significantly less fat than as compared to conventional deep fryers. On average, deep fryers require 3 cups or 750 ml of oil. The air-fried counterpart needs about 1 tablespoon or 15 ml only. It also cuts calories by 70% to 80% since there is little fat
Reduces risks of toxic compounds
Frying potatoes and other starchy foods lead to harmful side effects for the body. It releases the chemical acrylamide which increases chances of cancer.  A study reveals that air frying reduces the amount of acrylamide for fried potatoes by 90%.
Other chemicals that are associated with deep-frying and cancer risks include:
  • Aldehydes
  • Heterocyclic amines
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Using an air fryer reduces the risks of the above chemicals drastically.

Safer than deep fryers
Regular pots/pans or even commercial deep fryers tend to spatter oil when you put food in them. This especially applies to frozen foods that require frying. However, with the air fryer, there is no risk of oil spattering and causing burns.
Cons of air fryers:
Can pose risks of diseases
Some forms of fish, when air fried release a substance called "cholesterol oxidation products" (COPs). COP is linked to coronary heart disease along with the hardening of the arteries and cancer.
#TIP: Studies show that adding fresh parsley, chives, or a mixture of the two releases antioxidants. This helps to reduce the COPs in air-fried foods.
Reduces omega-3 fatty acids
The same study showed that air frying curbs benefits of omega-3 fatty acids in fish. Good fats from the fish are found in these fatty acids, which increases "good" HDL cholesterol levels and is healthy for the heart.
Apart from fish, other forms of meat and vegetables are relatively safe to be cooked in the air fryer.
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