Are Ford cars economical in Riyadh?

Apr 26, 2021

Are Ford cars economical in Riyadh?


Saudi Arabia, especially Riyadh is one of the most important markets for Ford in the Middle East. In 2017, the Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies Co. (AJVA) held the grand opening of one of the world’s largest Ford dealerships under one roof in Riyadh. This shows that Ford holds a strong market in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia.

Ford vehicles offer great prices and performance, making it one of the many famous brands in the KSA. The America brand is selling 18 models across all territories, which includes Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Makkah, Khobar, Riyadh, Jubail, Madinah, Medina, Abha, Tabuk, Al Qassim, Dubai, Khamis Mushait, Taif, Qatif, Hasa, Gizan, Hofuf, Jizan, Sakaka, Yanbu, Onaizah, Buraidah, Khafji, Hail, Najran, Hafar Al-Batin & Sulaymaniyah. 

Amongst the18 models sold, the Ford Explorer is the most popular model and has a starting price of SAR 206,085. One of the brand’s most affordable cars is the Ford Figo Sedan. In the Riyadh market, you can find it for about SAR 48,549, including VAT. 

The brand’s line-up for 2021 includes: 

Ford Figo Sedan 2021: From SAR 48,549

Ford Figo 2021: From SAR 64,900

Ford EcoSport 2021: From SAR 90,750

Ford Transit 2021: From SAR 121,000

Ford Taurus 2021: From SAR 127,050

Ford F-150 2021: From SAR 139,700

Ford Escape 2021: From SAR 150,150

Ford Edge 2021: From SAR 159,500

Ford Ranger 2021: From SAR 194,535

Ford Explorer 2021: From SAR 206,085

Ford Expedition 2021: From SAR 214,335

Ford Mustang 2021: From SAR 218,554

Ford Expedition EL 2021: From SAR 272,085

Ford F-150 Raptor 2021: From SAR 275,000

The big question is are the Ford vehicles affordable?

The answer is YES! Here is why:

Ford is a brand that works extremely hard to ensure that its cars deliver more than what customers expect in terms of performance and safety. However, it also costs less in terms of the cost of maintenance. So while the buying price is attractive, you can also be assured of savings throughout its life cycle when you buy a Ford.

The brand gives you:

Better fuel economy
> Low maintenance cost
> Longer service intervals
> Inexpensive genuine spares
> Unmatched warranty products

All of the above factors establish Ford as one of the most economical brands in Riyadh. From low-budget hatchbacks to premium SUVs, there are plenty of options to chose from. 

If you are looking for a used Ford car, we have quite a few available at: 

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