Oct 19, 2020
Which are the best brands for cooking range in Riyadh?


A cooking range is an all-in-one cooking solution. It features a stovetop that is connected to an oven and put together in a sleek, modular design. Both gas and electric style ranges are available in the market. In Saudi Arabia, the gas range with an electric oven or dual fuel range is popular. There are pure electric versions available too.

Let’s take a look at the top 7 brands and what models they have available:
1. White-Westinghouse Free Standing 4 Ceramic Oven, Steel, WMFF3036RS
Price: SAR 5,567.00

  • This freestanding gas cooker has attractive stainless Steel 
  • It is equipped with four burners
  • Has rotary spit
  • An oven light 
  • A glass cover to see how cooking progresses
  • Timer for convenient and automated cooking
2. GE Slide-In Electric Convection Range JCB735SISS Grey/Black
Price: SAR 4400 to 6700

Four radiant burners to multitask items
  • Smooth ceramic top surface for easy maintenance
  • Turning knobs to adjust the different settings
  • Two heating elements in one offer flexibility
  • The accurate heat circulation to bake evenly
3. La Germania Americana M9S A Cooker 90x60, Steel
Price: SAR 5499 to 6699

  • Gas-based cooking range
  • Five integrated burners
  • Mechanical operation
  • Knob control panel
  • Size of the oven - 142 litres
4. Gibson Ceramic Electric Cooking Range, 4Burner Oven 136 L MFF3026RS-GIB
Price: SAR 4219

  • Natural gas cooking range
  • Superior built resists heat and enhances the service life
  • Has self-cleaning function for easy and convenient cleaning
  • Four burners to cook multiple dishes simultaneously
  • Ceramic and Stainless Steel
  • Size of the oven - 136 liters
5. Beko 5-Burner Gas Cooker With Oven 95L GG15125FX Silver/Black
Price: SAR 2200 to 2999

  • Industrial grade design for durability and portability
  • Decked with adjustable knobs to regulate heat
  • Pre-portioned for uncomplicated grilling
  • Five burners for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously
  • Gas-based cooking range
6. Glem 5-Burner Cooking Top With Oven AL967GI/FS Black/Silver
Price: SAR 2899 to 3899

  • Smooth front controls for trouble-free usage
  • Five burners to cook different items simultaneously
  • Spark ignition for hassle-free flame start
  • Non-stick grilling for healthy cooking
  • Fully automatic and works on gas
  • Size of the oven - 113 liters
7. Electrolux 5-Burner Gas Cooker EK-EKG913A2OX Grey
Price: SAR 2199 to 2529

  • Natural gas oven
  • Has five burners for multiple cooking
  • Metal body 
  • 220-240 voltage
The above is the popular cooking range options available in Riyadh. With a range of colors, sizes, and budgets, you are definitely spoilt for choices.

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