Dec 03, 2020
What to look for when buying a used refrigerator?

Compared to most other kitchen appliances, the refrigerator is probably the costliest. And if you are unsure of your stay in Riyadh due to visa extensions, it’s best to buy a used one. You can get a pre-owned one in nearly new condition for a much lower price as compared to a brand new one.
However, you should try to inspect the unit prior to purchase. Here are few aspects to consider:
Model or age of the refrigerator
Pick models that are about 2-3 years old and not longer. Many older models are not energy efficient and this means higher electricity bills. Plus, it can be difficult to find part replacement.
Check cooling
You can try and check the internal temperature of the freezer and refrigerator. Ideally the temperature should 0°F for the freezer and 38°F for the refrigerator — which presents food from spoiling. With the warm weather in Riyadh, the last thing you want is a refrigerator with cooling issues.
Check for odours
Some older refrigerators may have a typical odour — and once this sets in, you really cannot get rid of it.
Door Seal
Close the door properly and check for the tightness of the seal. This can be done by inserting a piece of paper between the closed door and the unit. When you try to remove the paper, there should be resistance. Also, a leaky door will mean wastage of cool air and increased costs as the appliance is not cooling enough.
Tip: You can try to tighten the hinges to see if that helps with the seal
Door direction
Do check the direction in which the refrigerator doors open. Newer models have easily fixed doors on either side, but the older models don’t have the same. So if the door swings the wrong way, it can hamper your kitchen’s functionality.
Inspect shelves, switches, etc.
Closely examine the shelves and drawers. Alongside, take a look at the light switches and control knobs. Though minor, these can add to your overhead costs.
Examine the drip pan
There’s a drip pan behind the bottom grille that should be checked. Along with this, also look for the condenser coils behind the back covering or at the bottom of the appliance. In case it is damaged or has too much dirt, it means the previous owner did not do proper maintenance and cleanliness. This can reduce the life of the motor.
Before you finalize on a used refrigerator, do:
Measure the space
Make sure that the refrigerator fits in your kitchen. Length, height, depth, etc., should be measured to ensure a good fit.
Research models
Do check if your area or city has repair centres for specific models. For example, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, etc., are easily available in Riyadh and KSA. And don’t forget that transportation charges would be added too. So do include the same in your budget.
Some models you can check are: 
  • Panasonic Side by Side Refrigerator - NR-BS60MSSA
  • Bosch Fridge Bottom Freezer XL - KGN86AI40B
  • Samsung Refrigerator 20.7 Cu Ft - RT58K7050SLB
  • Toshiba Freezer on Top Refrigerator - GR-A395ABEZ(DS)
  • Dansat Mini Bar Refrigerator - DFS140HL
If you are looking for a used refrigerator, we have quite a few available at: 
You can also try our ‘Verify Before Purchase’ service. For a fee of SAR 30, we will verify the refrigerator specifications and quality for you.

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