Oct 19, 2020
What cat breeds are best suited for Riyadh?


A variety of pure and mixed breed cats are available in Riyadh. The breeds best suited for this arid and hot weather are:


This cat breed originates from Ethiopia and can handle heat very well. It has very short hair, which keeps it cool.
Tip: Short hair makes the cat susceptible to sunburn. Avoid extreme heat exposure

Arabian Mau:

It’s said this breed originated in Saudi Arabia and is a natural cat breed cat i.e., it evolved without the need for human intervention. Some of their characteristics are:
  • They are energetic, sociable, and playful. 
  • They weight between 8-16 pounds.
Tip: You may find them easily in shelters, so adopt instead of buying. 

Peterbald Cat:

This cat was the result of experimental breeding in Russia. The hairless cat breed (with some species having little hair) is often referred to as the ’oriental version’ of Sphynx, which is a pure cat breed.

Egyptian Mau:

The Egyptian Mau hails from Egypt, indicative of the name. It is a small- to medium-sized breed with short-hair and spots. 


This cat breed originates from Africa and is a mixed breed of the Serval and an Egyptian Mau. They deal well with the heat and prefer to stay indoors.


This cat is a crossing between the Desert Lynx and the Jungle Curl breeds. Their origins trace back to the desert, which makes it a good pet option for the hot Riyadh weather.


They may look deceptively wild, but this cat breed is actually a domestic cat that sustains well in the warm weather.


The Sokoke (short for "Sokoke Forest Cat") originates from Kenya. Hence, it’s easily adaptable to the hot climate.

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