Oct 05, 2020
Are clothes dryers really required for homes in Riyadh?

Summers in Riyadh are sweltering, arid, and so long. And winters cool but mostly dry. Considering it’s pretty dry all here around, do you need a clothes dryer? Also known as a tumble dryer, the clothes dryer is a powered household appliance that gets rid of moisture from clothing and textiles. This is done right after you have washed clothes in the machine. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Access to balcony
Not all homes in Riyadh have balconies. The construction laws in Saudi Arabia had been updated a few years back to ensure balconies are no longer part of the construction design and plans. So the apartments with balconies are the older ones. 

If you have a balcony, then you can avoid investing in a clothes dryer. The intense sun will dry clothes very quickly. Plus, sunlight is known for its antibacterial effects. In short, natural sunlight is a great way to kill bacteria and viruses.

You don’t have space for a dryer
The average size of a clothes dryer is approximately 27 inches in width and between 36 and 42 inches in height.

If you have a very compact apartment, you might not have enough room for a separate dryer. One option here is to buy a washing machine that comes with a clothes dryer feature.

You lack time to dry out clothes naturally
Do note that clothes tend to wrinkle way too much in a dryer. Since the water weighs down the garment when drying naturally — there’s less crease. Eventually, this means more ironing and more time consumption. For an expat or professional, this means the hassle of ironing and getting those wrinkles out. So, natural drying works better for them.

Added electricity costs
Using a clothes dryer will add to your utility bills. Of course, it’s not eco-friendly either. Plus, buying a new dryer can cost anything between 500 SAR - 5000 SAR. Here, a smart option - invest in a used clothes dryer, especially if you are unsure of your stay duration because of visa issues.

If you are looking for dryer deals or used dryers you may find a few here: 

You can also try our ‘Verify Before Purchase’ service. For a fee of SAR 30, we will verify the specifications, functionality, working condition of the dryer for you.
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