Oct 19, 2020
What is the difference between a hair trimmer, clipper and shaver?
Having a beard is a fashion statement these days. One can opt for a series of different styles, which include:
  • Oval
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Circled
Nevertheless, you beards require regular trimming, clipping or shaving (when you want to get rid of it).

There are three options you have:
  • Trimmers
  • Clippers
  • Shavers
Shaver Trimmers Clippers
Clean & close shave Short style Varying lengths Parameter
High runtime Medium runtime Low runtime
Aggressive Less Aggressive Aggressive
Eliminates manual razors No need of scissors Eliminates scissors & combs
What Is A Shaver?
If you want a clean shave which eliminates the requirement for foams, creams, gel, etc. the electrical shaver is right for you. It does not require any lathering for a smooth shave.

  • No need to wet the area
  • Close and long-lasting shave
  • Battery or electricity operated
  • With or without chord
  • Minimal mess
But they are not meant for long beards. If you just want a stubble then it’s a smart pick. (TIP: )

Top options in Riyadh:
What Is A Trimmer?
If you don’t want to shave or cut but simply trim the beard to a certain length, then the trimmer is a good option.
  • Trim moustache or beard to desired length
  • Ear/nose/private parts hair trimming
  • Can be operated electrically or mechanically/manually
A trimmer will give you the shortest hair possible but not a clean look.

Top options in Riyadh:

What Is A Clipper?
Though used professionally in barbershops, clippers are a great home tool for to replace scissors for styling you beard or hair. Clippers come with a set of smaller accessories to suit different styling needs. If you prefer getting haircuts at home, the clipper should be your pick. TIP:
  • It can cut different types of hair length
  • Comes with sets of combs to customise length
  • Safe, quick and efficient
  • Can be used on beard
Top options in Riyadh:
1. Philips hair clipper - 140 SAR
2. Wahl Elite pro hair clipper - 279 SAR

3. Braun hair clipper - 214 SAR

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