Complete guide to buying used cars in Riyadh

Mar 03, 2021
Complete guide to buying used cars in Riyadh

A second-hand or used car is an excellent choice for expats and immigrants in Riyadh. You can get a 2 year old car for about 20-30% lower than the ex-showroom price. So you can indulge in a higher model or a more luxurious one. Buying a used car requires a little time and effort — but it has its share of benefits, primarily monetary. Here’s a checklist that will be handy in helping you make an informed decision:

Research your requirements
With many car varieties available from high-end Mercedes to the basic sedans and hatchbacks from Hyundai, you are spoilt for choices. Take into consideration these aspects of research to shortlist the right vehicle:
  • What is your budget?
  • What kind of car do you want (sedan, hatchback, etc.)
  • Does it fit your family requirements?
  • What is the depreciating value?
  • Are maintenance & spare parts easily available?
  • Does the car seat-count relate to the number of dependents you have?
Authorised dealers/online marketplace
Whether buying from an authorised dealer or a reliable website for second-hand cars, check for reviews. If going for a competitive price directly from a buyer in the newspaper or social media platform, caution must be taken not to get duped. There are risks that no proper safety checks have been carried out, the mileage might have been altered, etc. 

On the contrary, dealers usually offer a warranty of 30,000 km or one year with the purchase. You can get add-ons like first year’s insurance for free. If you are buying the car at an acute or through an online marketplace, do research if the seller is reputed. In case not, opt for verification services that many websites like provide. They will do a thorough quality check for you and give a quality report.

Tip: An online market place can get you better rates if you negotiate well. Run a verification check from the company if they offer one to rule out mechanical hazards.

Prepare your ’check’ list
Prior to buying a used car, there are more than 100+ things that need to be carried out right from the transmission to the engine’s health. You can hire a professional mechanic to do the same. Alongside, do take the vehicle for a spin to ensure it is performing according to your expectations. 

Good mileage 
Along with the inspection, there are a lot of questions pondering the mind. And one of them is good mileage. Check out the car’s mileage before making your mind. Read the car’s odometer to determine the age of the machine. Anything with mileage below 130,000km is considered healthy, and it also shows if the car has received regular servicing by the former owner.

Fluid leakage
A critical car-check aspect is dark brown stains on the engine block. Ideally, the brake fluid should be clear or a yellowish colour or maybe a light tone of brown. But if the transmission fluid is not clear, it means potential maintenance hazards. You should also check the vehicle for rust. If there is rust, the radiator; heater core or water pump will need to be repaired sometime in the near future.

Transfer of ownership
You will need documents in place. Ensure you sort this out prior to buying a used car. This includes:

  • Police Maroor form from the local police station 
  • Valid Iqma copy
  • Valid license 
  • Valid registration or Istemara
  • Ownership transfer fee
  • MVPI or Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection certificate 
Price drop
Remember before buying a used car, do check if a new model is expected to hit the market? If yes, chances are the used car will further go down. Also, during festive months like Ramadan, the prices tend to go down a bit. 

So keep these factors in mind when buying a used car in Riyadh!

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