In-car technology comparison: Ford Vs Honda Vs Hyundai Vs Toyota

May 15, 2021

There’s no shortage of classy cars in the KSA. But when it comes to the most used brands Ford, Hyundai, Toyota & Honda take the lead. Let’s compare different systems from these popular car makers, including the in-car entertainment (ICE), or in-vehicle infotainment (IVI). 

Let’s take a general overview:


Ford has plans to start a new wireless tech for cars in 2022. This technology will be called C-V2X, or cellular vehicle-to-everything. It can augment sensors used in self-driving cars making the vehicle’s view from radars and cameras more comprehensive. They are planning on introducing self-driving cars for sale too.


Toyota does extensive research and development, focusing on many various aspects of cars. Their technology goal has an intuitive interface that makes driving smooth. They have Powertrain, which is a technologically advanced engine and transmission to make your Toyota more fun to drive. It also increases fuel efficiency and enhances reliability. They also have the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC). It is available on models like the 2013 Avalon, Prius Five and Land Cruiser. The technology uses radar to measure the distance between you and the vehicle traveling in front of you.


Making cars smarter is the motto of this brand. Newer cars have features like:

Smart Traffic Jam Assist: It monitors the road ahead with steering assist control and automatically maintains a safe distance behind the car in front, accelerating and decelerating based on traffic.
Interactive Voice Recognition: The new AVN system enables interactive voice recognition through the speaker or a button that allows the driver to control ’Siri (Apple’s voice recognition service)’ and the mobile phone with ease.

Driver State Monitoring: This system monitors any signs of a driver’s drowsiness, fatigue, or distraction to effectively protect the driver from dangerous situations by triggering an alarm at an appropriate time.


Honda too, has launched new features to maximize technology and enhance safety. These include:

Honda SENSING is a driver-assist system that operates to detect and take action to avoid situations such as one-car accidents, collisions, pedestrian injuries, and missed road signs. It helps in Detecting

> Pedestrians
> Staying in the Lane
> Avoiding Inattention
> Supporting the Driver
> Reducing Blind Spots

Here are some car reviews to help you get a better overview:

Ford Figo Aspire

Set up in the Figo Aspire, the Ford SYNC 2 infotainment firmware is utterly dated. Ford not replacing it with the SYNC 3 touchscreen system sooner is a shocker. It has a tiny duo-chrome display (blue on black) and is operated via plastic buttons on the central console. There’s the standard USB, Bluetooth, and aux audio playback with hands-free telephony.


> Hard plastic buttons make operations tough
> Lacks navigation or graphic data
> Lacks parking sensor

Honda WR-V Crossover

The Honda WR-V crossover has the DigiPad infotainment system that is almost like an Android smartphone in motion. But it has errors that crop up in the system — at times, it fails to connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot. It has the familiarity and ease of Android’s system interface. It also has an accurate nav setup, and the overall system will give you more smiles than frowns.


> The overall display quality seems a bit dull
> Frequent internet connectivity falters

Hyundai Verna

The Hyundai Verna stands with the total package that includes Bluetooth connectivity, along with USB and aux. It has an interface coupled with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to make the system complete. You also get:


> Highly accurate integrated sat-nav 
> Supplementing voice commands
> High-resolution display with fluid touch response
> Arkamys audio enhancement

Added to this, the icing on the cake is the MID on the instrument cluster that complements the central system very well. It has an easy, ergonomic interface
and a complete suite of features.

Toyota Innova
Toyota Innova’s infotainment system probably has the brightest infotainment displays. There is no Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, and the navigation is optional via SD card-mounted data. You get an adjustable auto-setup and hands-free telephony that is easy to operate. But the touch buttons can be a bit complicated. It has an MID includes a direction-guiding compass.

> There is no Android Auto, Apple CarPlay.
> The touch buttons are not entirely seamless.
> Only one USB port in a 7-seater car
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