Oct 27, 2020
How to use microwave ovens safely?

Microwave ovens are a quintessential part of our day-to-day lives. You can quickly heat leftovers or de-frost — saving time, energy, and costs. 

There are two main kinds of microwaves available in Riyadh: Microwave or electronic oven, which cooks food through high-frequency electromagnetic waves called microwaves. Most have a grill feature, which helps to get a nice crust on meats or bakes. Microwave convection oven combo, which features an extra heating element and fan. This helps to circulate hot air so you can bake and roast food with home-cooked results.

Top models for microwaves in Riyadh:
  • Kenwood 20 liters 
  • Daewoo 31 liters
  • Panasonic 32 liters
Top models for microwaves with convection in Riyadh:
  • LG 42 Liter Neo Chef Inverter Microwave with Grill
  • White-Westinghouse Microwave Oven with Grill
Like any electrical appliance, there are some safety do’s and don’ts you should follow when using a microwave-

Don’t use metal
Ensure that you NEVER put metal or any sharp objects in the regular or convection microwave oven. It will cause sparks or arcing, which is a fire hazard. Foil is also a NO-NO.

Use microwavable certified products
Not all plastics or glass is suitable for the microwave. Use certified microwavable products only. Some forms of plastic may melt, and glass or even porcelain may crack. 

Tip: If you fall short of crockery, heat the product in a certified bowl, and then transfer to a regular bowl.

Don’t cook food in a closed container
While reheating in a closed container works, don’t cook your food in a closed container or vacuum. Doing so results in water molecules creating a sudden high pressure. This could result in a minor explosion, especially cooking unbroken eggs.

Tip: Leave the lid loosely on the container when cooking to prevent accidents.

Don’t cook large cuts of meat
Large cuts of meat should not be cooked in microwaves, especially on high power or 100%. This results in cold spots where bacteria thrive and poses health risks. If required, cook them on medium power (about 50%) for more extended periods. Doing so helps the heat to reach the center without overcooking the outer parts.

Tip: You can stir or rotate food midway to eliminate cold spots and prevent risks of bacteria.

Avoid multiple foods at one time
Cooking or heating multiple foods results in some items being over-cooked while others may be under.

Radiation safety concerns
There’s a lot of speculation regarding microwave safety. Studies show that microwaves are completely harmless and use low-frequency electromagnetic radiation. Though X-rays use ionizing radiation, microwaves don’t. Exercising caution by using the right crockery and utensils is the best way to use microwaves. 

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