Oct 27, 2020
Do you need an induction cooker?

Considering the low gas prices in Riyadh, you are probably wondering why you should invest in an induction. Well, there are multiple benefits that induction cookers give as compared to the gas burner.

How do inductions work?
Unlike gas stoves, induction cooker or cooktops use magnetism to generate heat and cook your food. It may sound complicated and high-tech, but they are rather simple to use. 

Benefits of induction:
1. Quicker meal preparation
With induction cooktops, heat is directly transferred to the cookware instead of the surface of the cooktop. Statistically, it means meals cook and water boils 50% faster than electric or gas cooktops.

2. Consistent results
Since you can control temperature more precisely, food cooking is more even and consistent. This means fewer risks of over or under-cooking.

3. Easy-to-clean 

Unlike the traditional ones, induction cooktops have a smooth, glass cooktop, making it easier to clean. Additionally, these also don’t heat the cooktop’s surface — as a result, anything that falls in the vicinity won’t get cooked or burnt — thus, no more stubborn marks or stains.

4. Auto-sizing
Some induction oven brands like Frigidaire feature auto-sizing technology. It means that pan detection helps place heat in the right direction. Since the heat automatically adjusts to the cookware size, less energy is wasted.

5. Aesthetically pleasing 
Induction cooktops have a smooth, classy finish, which adds to the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.

6. Eco-friendly 
Yes, there is no shortage of natural gas and oil in Riyadh, but with power and energy-saving options, these induction cooktops have a lower carbon footprint.

7. Less heat
Traditional stovetops or cooktops tend to generate more heat which can be discomforting. Since there is no external heat released in induction ones, the overall cooking experience is cooler.

8. Safer cooking

If you have kids and pets around, then the induction’s electromagnetic reaction is a better option. They feature a cooler cooking surface. Both the pan and burner become much cooler, reducing the risks of accidents and burns.

Now that you know the many benefits of induction cooktops, let’s take a look at the top five ones:
Average prices range from SAR 170-1000.

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