Jan 20, 2021
Brief guide to Riyadh Airport

Riyadh King Khalid International Airport also referred to as RUH is the 2nd largest airport in Saudi Arabia after Jeddah Airport. Being Saudi Arabia’s capital, this airport is bustling with international and domestic flights.
The airport has five passenger terminals, three of which are in use. There are 8 aero-bridges and uncovered car parking for 11,600 vehicles. Along with a range of amenities, there is also a mosque inside the building. An additional Royal Terminal is made exclusively for the kingdom’s guests, government heads, and the Saudi royal family. The airport boasts of a central control tower, one of the world’s tallest and two parallel runways, each 4,260 meters (13,980 ft) long. RUH was formerly the largest airport in the world in terms of ground area, which refers to the space allocated for KKIA. It is managed and operated by Riyadh Airports Company. 
The mosque: Inside the airport, the terminus is a Royal Mosque, with stained glass by British architectural artist Brian Clarke. This is a landmark work in the medium’s history and is known to be the largest and technically most advanced stained glass project of the modern period.
Landscaping of the airport: Spread across 5,400,000 square feet, the landscaping of the airport includes 225,000 trees, vines, shrubs, and ground cover plants within the airport site and the interior courtyards. Considering the limited availability of irrigation water, the selected plants were tolerant of heat, wind, and dry soil conditions.
Terminals: There are three operative terminals: Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 5. The fourth is the Royal Terminal. A shuttle bus service from terminals 1 & 2 connects all three.
Terminal 1 - This terminal handles international services except for Air France, Saudia, and Nas Air flights.
Terminal 2 - This terminal operates Air France, Saudia, and Nas Air international services only.
Terminal 3 and Terminal 4 - These two are used for domestic flights but are currently inoperative and are being redesigned to increase passenger capacity.
 Terminal 5 - Inaugurated in 2016, terminal 5 is the newest terminal that handles domestic flights and links with Saudi Arabia cities.
Shuttle -  Every 10 minutes, there is a shuttle service available from Terminus 5 to get around to and from RUH Airport. The service also caters to several hotels located in the vicinities of Riyadh Airport. If you are a first time visitor, it is recommended to check with your hotel if the service is available.
Taxi - One can conveniently get to the city by hiring a taxi. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the city.
Metro -  Terminal 5 links the airport with Riyadh Metro Yellow Line (L4).
Car Rental - Car rental services are available from the airport too.
Riyadh airport phone: +966 9200 20090 

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