Riyadh Car Stats

Mar 17, 2022

Riyadh is a rapidly evolving metropolitan that adheres to the worldwide trends in terms of transport. Riyadh has become a car-oriented city since the 1950’s, and the boom in its economy saw this trend grow exponentially. According to a report the total number of automobiles in use increased from 26,880 to 670,300 between 1968 to 1996. The vehicle ownership also increased two and a half times in this period.
The high percentage of car ownership in the region has led to the construction of expressways, and arterial roads across the city. As per current trends, the city’s population is expected to grow up to 15 million, and the current road infrastructure would not be enough to support the growing populace. The reason why Riyadh is a car city is because the people do not prefer using public transport. In 1997 vehicle ownership rates per 1000 people was 224, which in comparison to western cities is relatively low. However, recent trends suggest that the car ownership has increased from 22,805 cars in 1971, to 2,052,934 cars in 1996, which has now increased to over 7,000,000 cars overall.
Factors like – low operating costs, zero car taxation, low registration charge, and low fuel prices are major contributors for the increasing car ownership patterns. In 2021, the Saudi Arabian car market grew by 24.6% with very strong sales figures of 585,351 vehicles. By the end of this year, it is expected that eighteen million cars will ply on Saudi’s roads. Riyadh accounted for 4.8 million registered vehicles which is 30 percent of the total cars registered in the country. Riyadh is also making efforts to convince car companies to set up production lines in the country as a part of its wider economic initiatives.

It is also estimated that 17 million liters of fuel burn on a day to day basis, and the acceptance of the usage of public transport could curb this problem. Also, the use of public transport will reduce car usage by 15%. The automotive market in this region happens to be the largest in the Arab world. More than 800,000 new cars are sold every year in Saudi Arabia alone. Some of the most famous car models to ply on the roads of Riyadh in the recent past include the – Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Ford Explorer, Mercedes S-Class, Toyota Corolla, Ford Taurus, Lexus LS, Toyota Land Cruiser, Hyundai Sonata, and the Toyota Hilux.

In 2022, Riyadh hosted the AutoVille 2022, and it recorded 300,000 visitors in the auto show. The show was a grand stage for CEO’s, corporate bosses, influencers, media, and enthusiasts to grab a taste of what the city of Riyadh could expect in the coming years. Saudi Arabia now has the highest per capita automobile consumption in the world. Such events are crucial for driving the regions growth, and catering to existing issues of transportation, and mobility in Saudi Arabia. The government will be keen to host key events, and be welcoming to support auto investors to build a strong foundation for 2022.

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