Jan 06, 2021
7 harmful side-effects of hair straightening/curling/coloring

You have recently got sun-blazing blonde or hot red streaks. Or you’ve curled or straightened your hair permanently. The compliments are just flowing in. But a few weeks into the treatment, you notice drastic hair loss or breakage. The shine and luster seem to be gone too!

You’re not alone. Any kind of chemical hair styling or treatment has its share of side effects. And while the damage to your hair won’t show immediately, you will see it happening gradually. Let’s take a look at the damage they cause. 

1. Hair damage
Most permanent hair dyes have high amounts of ammonia and peroxide. Similarly, straightening & perming treatments contain harmful chemicals. Even if you are using a temporary solution like a hair curler or ironer, there is intensive damage to the hair follicles. As a result of these treatments, your hair is stripped of nutrients and this results in:
  • Lack of Ulster
  • Easy breakage/brittle hair
  • Split ends
  • Hair fall
  • Slower hair growth 
  • Thinning of hair
  • Reduced hair growth 
2. Allergic reactions
Most types of hair colors contain paraphenyldiamine which is an allergen. Individuals who suffer from may have a severe reaction. People who suffer from eczema and psoriasis, in particular, should avoid hair dyes, which leads to itching, skin irritation, redness, and swelling. 

3. Risks for pregnant women & fetus
Research has shown that hair colors, and styling treatments may harm the fetus. Studies reveal that harmful chemicals in the color or styling treatment penetrates through the scalp, which may cause malignancy.

4. Asthma
Many hair color varieties have per-sulfates trigger or worsen your asthma. Inhaling chemicals in permanent styling treatments also aggravates coughing, lung inflammation, and even asthma attacks.

5. Permanent altering of hair structure
Women/men have complained that chemical agents used in permanent hair straightening/perming/coloring have altered their hair texture permanently. Sometimes, the frizziness increases, or your hair can become completely dull and lifeless. In such cases, no amount of hair care remedies/masks will help regain your naturally healthy hair strands. You have to wait for the hair to regrow completely!

6. Cancer
Research has shown that PPD in chemical hair treatments can damage human DNA cells and cause cancer. However, though the small amount of PPD found in hair dyes is not capable of causing such damage, there is a long-term risk. Another chemical called resorcinol, an endocrine-disrupting chemical, is known to increase the risk of breast cancer by disrupting the natural balance of hormones.

7. Added costs
Whether you like it or not, any kind of chemical hair styling/coloring leads to the added cost. You have to get it professionally done in a salon. Then you have to go for a touch-up when the hair regrows! Ensure that you follow-up with high-quality products like conditioners, serums, etc., to minimize the damage caused by these treatments.

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