9 top-selling sedans in Riyadh

Mar 09, 2021
9 top-selling sedans in Riyadh

With the Covid-19 crisis, an incredible run for the Saudi new car market has slowed down. The first quarter of Q2 2020 marked the first quarterly decline since 2018 at -11.3% to 110.041 units. However, the market picked in the second quarter and by H1 2020, volumes were up 5.9% to 247.754 units, making Saudi Arabia one of only a handful of global markets in this position alongside Turkey and South Korea to witness profits.
source- https://www.statista.com/statistics/375657/best-selling-car-models-in-saudi-arabia/
 With the bans on expats buying sedans being lifted and women being allowed to drive officially, the sedan market got a boost. Here are the top-seller sedans in Riyadh:

1. Hyundai Accent
In 2019, the Hyundai Accent gained the market crown with over 80% from the previous year and reaching 7.7% of the share as the best-selling car in Saudi Arabia. The 2019 Hyundai Accent is a slightly longer and wider car than the previous model, with increased interior space. It features two four-cylinder petrol engine options: 1.4-litre and a 1.6-litre, multi-point fuel injection and 6-speed manual/6-speed automatic transmission. With the higher models, one also gets the option of 14-inch or 16-inch alloy wheels, a leather steering wheel with stereo controls and fog lamps & a centre-console storage cubby.

Price: Approximately SAR 53,350 for base
Approximately SAR 60,500 for high-end models

2. Hyundai Elantra 
With great handling and good performance, Elantra ranks in the second position to top-selling sedans in Riyadh. It gives the experience of a semi-luxury sedan for a reasonable price. The 2019 Hyundai Elantra received a significant facelift, and the new 2020 Hyundai Elantra has two 4-cylinder engines, a 1.6-litre and a 2.0-litre. It also has 15-inch steel wheels with hubcaps with four-wheel-disc brakes cloth upholstery. In the year, 2021 Elantra has witnessed extensive transformation and Hyundai’s latest design philosophy, ’Sensuous Sportiness’. 

Price: Hyundai Elantra 2021 1.6L GL SAR 66,165 
Hyundai Elantra 2021 2.0L GLS is about SAR 74,690

3. Nissan Sunny
The Sunny is a compact car with a decidedly non-compact interior. It has major headroom and passengers won’t get packed into the backseat either with plenty of leg room. The car features exterior aerodynamics give an advanced 1.5-litre 4-cylinder engine to a virtually gearless Xtronic CVT transmission that maximises efficiency and performance. It is a one of a family of PUREDRIVE vehicles that caters to developing more environmentally friendly transportation.

Price: SAR44,756 for the base model
SAR 48,000 for top models

4. Toyota Corolla
This is one of the most preferred cars when it comes to Sedan with comfort segment. Toyota Corolla holds a top spot when it comes to resale value like its other cars. This Sedan model is manufactured with a 1.6-litre SE Automatic engine spurning 132 horsepower and 128 Nm of torque. 

Corolla 2021 features
  • Engine: 1.5L, 3-Cylinders 
  • Max Output: 119 HP / 6500-6600 RPM 
  • Max Torque: 148 Nm / 4600-5000 RPM 
  • Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) With 10 Speed Manual Sequential Mode
Price: 75,000 SAR for the base model
88,000 SAR for high-end

5. Toyota Camry 
This is a stylish, comfortable mid-size car. As one of the first car brands to establish themselves in the oil-rich country, the high-performing 2019 models feature a 2.5 litre 4 Cylinder engine with 178 horsepower and 231 Nm of torque. The car has a classy outlook and impressive features, and it is about 4.80 meters in length, 1.82 meters in width, and 1.47 meters in height. 

Price: SAR 87,465 for the base model 
SAR 133,035 for the top model

6. Toyota Yaris
This is a subcompact car from Toyota, which is bold yet graceful and sporty from every angle. The car has a high-quality appearance and feels that it belies its value for money. It has a sleek look with carefully integrated front lights contrast excitingly with the lower front grille. The rear light clusters complement the horizontal design of the trunk. Features include:
  • 1.3L Engine
  • 4 Cylinder 
  • Max Output: 98 HP / 6000 RPM 
  • Max Torque: 123 Nm / 4200 RPM 
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
Price: SAR 52,800 for base model 
SAR 60,000 for top model

7. Hyundai Sonata 
This is a sedan with a sophisticated design. The 2020 version has a 2.0-litre engine which puts in the top-selling sedans in Riyadh. The base model is called Sonata Smart and comes with 16-inch steel wheels, power windows and mirrors, fog lamps, keyless entry, rear camera, cruise control, 6-speaker CD/MP3 stereo with Bluetooth, ABS and one airbag.

Price: SAR 73,499 for the base model
SAR 117,000 for top-end

8. Nissan D22 
The Nissan D22 is a strong & tough designed car. The vehicle features a tested and proven fully boxed frame and comes with world-class engines. You can go-anywhere 4x4 command, and the ride quality is one where rugged meets premium ride. Be assured of comfort, innovative technologies and sleek, modern styling.

Price: 87,990 SAR for base models

9. Mazda 6 
This one is a supercharged mid-size Sedan. It is an FWD Sedan car that is equipped with a 2.5 L engine, 4 Cylinders and 188 horsepower. The other features of the vehicle include:
  • Intelligent Cruise Control
  • Start Engine Button
  • Power Locks
  • Power Windows
  • Steering Wheel Controls
  • Automatic A/C
Price: 85,800 SAR for base models
SAR 116,309 for top-end

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