Nov 10, 2020
What TV screen size should I buy?

TV’s are just getting bigger — and you are not sure which size works best for you! However, it’s not just about the screen size here. While some believe in the motto — get as big as you can afford — this brings into consideration a lot of other factors.
We will help you make this decision easier and find out which screen size should you buy:

Room size and position of TV
Before deciding on the size of the TV, consider the size of the room where the TV will sit. So how far should your sofa/seating be from the TV? Here’s a mini-guide
  • For 25-30 inches at least 5 feet away
  • For a 40-inch screen be seated more than six feet from the TV.
  • For a 50-inch screen 7.5 feet from the TV
  • For 60 inches, about 9 feet away
  • For a 70 inch, it should sit between 9-10 feet from the screen
Another aspect to consider is whether you want to keep the TV standing or go for a wall-mount/ hang it. If you place it with a TV stand on an entertainment unit, you can shorten the viewing distance. 
Do consider the depth of the TV stand and furniture unit you intend to set it on. Some stands are narrow, some have extended backs. Consider this depth when planning on the size. Too much depth means more surface space is occupied. 
Wall mourning means you save a lot of space. You can also pick the exact height of the television too. However, this requires professional installation - if the mount is not fit properly, and the TV can fall. Also, hanging/wall mounting adds approximately a foot to the viewable distance. This could impact your choice between a 60-inch TV and a 72-inch model. 

Screen size and resolution
TVs are measured diagonally. For example, when you want to buy a 55-inch screen, it means that the measurement from one corner to the diagonally opposite corner is 55 inches -- and not in width. In practicality, the dimensions will be different — it could be, say 49 inches wide and 29 inches tall.
When it comes to resolution, the higher the resolution, the closer you can sit to the TV. If you start noticing pixelation in an image, that’s too close. So this means that you can sit closer to a 4K TV (3840 x 2160) as compared to an1080p one. 
#Tip: If you have a smaller room, then get a high-resolution TV so you can sit closer. With a bigger room, a low-resolution TV works fine because you can keep a distance from it.

Size vs. quality
Often, people compromise on screen quality to ensure larger TVs. You should strike a balance between the two. Don’t go for a 65-inch 4K TV from Onida or a less reputed brand for 2,000 SAR. Instead a smaller 55-inch from Sony or Samsung for 2500-3000 SAR makes more sense and gives an immersive viewing experience.
Prices for a 65 inch TV in Riyadh:
- Wansa 65-inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV — Approx 1700-3300 SAR
- Skyworth 65-inch 4K UHD Smart TV - (65UB7500 — Approx 2,400-3,000 SAR
- Sony 65" Android 4K LED TV (KD-65X8000H) — Approx 4,000-4300 SAR
Do remember that the ideal viewing distance is based on the size of the television screen, as well as the resolution of the television display. 
TV Size (in inches)
Recommended viewing distance (in feet) for 1080p HDTV unit
Recommended viewing distance (in feet) for 4K ULTRA HD TVs
4-4.5 feet
2-3 feet
4.5-5.5 feet
2.5-3 feet
5-6 feet
3-4 feet
5.5 - 6.5 feet
3.5-4 feet
6-7 feet
4.5-5 feet
6-7.5 feet 
5-5.5 feet 
6.5 - 8 feet
6-6.5 feet
7-9 feet
6.5-7 feet
8 - 9 feet
7-7.5 feet
10-11 feet
7.5-8 feet
12-14 feet
8-9 feet
14-17 feet
9-10 feet
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