Sep 15, 2020
What is the Ejar rental agreement system in Saudi Arabia?

The ministry of housing, Saudi Arabia, introduced the Ejar system in 2018. It is an
integrated system that was launched to develop channelized housing and real estate. 
Official website Ejar


Through this system, the government aims to find sustainable solutions to the real estate
market’s challenges. The idea is to reserves the rights of all parties involved — tenant,
landlord, and real estate broker in a legalized way through a standard contract for
residential leasing.

In laymen terms, Ejar is a leasing services network. It is also linked to the Sama and
Sadad systems. All real estate firms must join this electronic system. For tenants, all contracts should be
registered on the Ejar electronic system. If not done, your work permit will not get

With this integrated e-service, the government will create a leasing sector that is
transparent and impartial.

Ejar has helped to:
  • Improve tenancy regulations
  • Ensure sustainability & development
  • Balance supply & demand in a fair way
  • Meet society aspirations of housing
  • Minimize legalities related to real estate & housing
  • Increase the contribution of real estate to GDP

Is it challenging to understand Ejar?
Not really. The details of the contract are available in both Arabic and English. However,
do keep an eye for errors.

How do I check my EJAR rental agreement?
One can download a copy of the housing agreement through the Ejar system once the
proceeding is completed. 

Can I cancel the Ejar contract online?
Yes, one can cancel their contract, but it has to be done with compliance of the Ejari
cancellation requirements. The details are available on the official website of the

What happens if I don’t renew Ejar?
Failing to register or renew Ejar will result in a fine and lead to the cancellation of work
permits for expats and immigrants. 

Make sure you read through and double-check all clauses in your contract. Compliance
with Ejar will be beneficial for any prospective tenant in the long run.
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